Stunning Lighting Effects Available in almost any venue Purdy - At The Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames Mike Hurst and The Springfields - The Kenton Theatre Reading Fringe Festival Launch - Penta Hotel

Just Need A Technician Or Want A Popup Theatre

We’ve supplied & operated over 700 performances all over Berkshire, Oxfordshire & London

With 8 years of full time experience creating magic on the stage, eventu has setup and operated hundreds of shows. We’ve converted bookshops and hotels into fully equipped popup theatres, installed concerts, looked after famous TV celebrities, operated awards shows, added excitement to dance shows with lighting beams flying around, operated the show Annie over 15 times and even found time to oversea technical for two theatres, a school and the Reading Fringe Festival. In fact we’ve operated close to 700 performances all over Berkshrire and Oxfordshire and even a few in Bath and London.

This is just the start and we can’t wait to see what creative ideas you have to challenge us!


We own a huge mass of lighting equipment and have access at discounted rates to more to give you the effect you want at a fair price.


Years of experience has resulted in us obtaining high quality speakers, microphones, mixers. For the price concious we have mid range items which are just as good.


Projection is become more important in modern shows and can be used for backgrounds or to enhance a piece. We have projectors, screens and the computers to run them all.

Inspiration & Ideas

These aren’t all shows we’ve worked on, but can give you great ideas or inspiration in what you may want to include