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Need A Technician, Popup Conference Or More?

Over 1,000 Performances To Date

With 12 years of experience working in events, the proprietor David has set up and operated hundreds of shows. He’s converted bookshops and hotels into fully equipped popup theatres, installed concerts, looked after famous celebrities, operated awards shows, added excitement to dance shows with lighting beams flying around, (operated the show Annie over 15 times) and overseen technical production for two theatres, a school and a Fringe Festival. In fact, he’s operated over 1,000 events & performances all over Berkshire and Oxfordshire and even as far afield as Treorchy in Wales.

Technical Production

We own a huge mass of equipment and have negotiated brilliant rates through other suppliers for anything we don’t own to give you the effect you want at a fair price.

Live & Pre-Recorded Video

Spread your reach and live stream your event with multiple cameras and operators to YouTube, Facebook, Eventu or your own website. Alternatively, if you want more control over the footage we can pre-record it, edit and deliver the footage to your customer and or staff members.