Interspace Industries MicroCue3 MC3-L3

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£20.00 / £5.00
First 24 Hours / Additional 24 Hours

This is the industry standard presentation controller. With a laser, forward and back buttons plus the ability to connect to 3 computers at the same time (for your backups) the MicroCue3 is a solid piece of equipment.

“The MicroCue3 brings ease of use, reliability and control to the world of the small to medium presentation.  A single MicroCue3, offers three USB ports to control three computers, using separate front panel buttons that also show the status of that connection. An LCD screen shows the cues of the taught handsets, the signal strength, and just as important, the battery condition of the handset itself.”

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To book this item, please get in touch telling us when you wish to collect and when it will be returned.

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