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With innovative 2.4GHz+5.8GHz Dual-Band Transmission technology, it can intelligently identify interference during transmission, then combine the data from these two streams to form the complete audio and video signal, greatly improving its stability and anti-interference capability. CineEye 2 Pro is far more stable than traditional Wi-Fi video transmitters that only stream in 5GHz, and once onset, it will provide you with a stable and glitch-free stream.

CineEye 2 Pro further optimised the transmission process, this time taking advantage of both H.265’s high efficiency and higher bit rate. From the transmitter to the receiver, CineEye 2 Pro has less than 0.06s of latency. It also supports 44KHz 16 bit synced audio transmission, you can now stream the video with sound.

Max Range: 1600 feet / 480 Metres (Line-of-Sight)

Max Resolution: 1080p60

Input Connection: HDMI

Hire of this unit includes 2x Neewer NP-F970 Batteries + USB Charger

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