Wedding Discos, Corporate Conferences, Dance Shows and more

Providing production services to parties, theatres, the arts and events for the past 10 years

Eventu has been entertaining for 10+ Years covering 1000+ events and performances in over 50+ different venues and over 200,000+ guests and audience members Get in touch, we can’t wait to see what we can do for your event

Take some beautiful atmospheric lighting, add in some incredible sound and you get the day you’ve always wanted. Weddings, Parties, Theatre, Dance, Schools, Corporate Entertainment and more since 2008

With 8 years of full time experience creating magic on the stage, eventu has setup and operated hundreds of shows. We’ve converted bookshops and hotels into fully equipped popup theatres, installed concerts, looked after famous TV celebrities, operated awards shows, added excitement to dance shows with lighting beams flying around, operated the show Annie over 15 times and even found time to oversea technical for two theatres, a school and the Reading Fringe Festival. In fact we’ve operated close to 700 performances all over Berkshrire and Oxfordshire and even a few in Bath and London.

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